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The Eye of the Reich - A Civilization V AAR
by Kamehameha Pasha
This will be an After Action Report of my playthrough of Germany. There will be some roleplaying involved, but certainly not all of it will have that style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~House Rules~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. The game shall be played on King diffic...
How to handle Gandhi
by Nano_Ranger
Who to Trust and Who to Avoid in Civ V
by AScaredLittleRedPanda
Not all civs are created equal. Some are loyal allies who are willing to work together with you throughout the game. Others backstab at the drop of a hat and want nothing more than to see you suffer. In this guide, I outline which civs are the most loyal ...
Viking Destiny (1066) scenario as Normandy
by arno784
Here is a strategy (inspired also from ofther guides) to achieve this scenario as Normandy and get the achievement. I played as level 4 (Prince), as I am new to Civ5, but I think that this strategy will be helpful for more difficult levels too. With a...
Vel's Guide To Civ V
by cdhartpence
A collection of notes designed to help new players get off to a strong start......
Civ 5 Strategy Guide for Brave New World
by Carl
A Guide to Civilization 5 and its two DLCs, Brave New World and Gods and Kings. Includes a full list of Civs with their benefits, and differences in unique units/buildings when compared to the normal variant. Also features sections for gameplay tips, Wond...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Austria (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Austria's ability to purchase City-States makes them excellent at suddenly creating footholds in new lands, but that's not all this Civ can do. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Austrian strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to India (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
While there are complex hidden details India has, they're nonetheless an easy-to-pick-up Civ which can play culturally or scientifically particularly effectively. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Indian strategies, uniques and how to play again...
How to stop loading screens!
by I have painted my shween
Only 1,145 Very hard steps...
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