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Change the ingame music with the music YOU want to hear!
by Mr. Badd [Anime]
I really would like to change the ingame music in Civ V...well, let's try some things... ...
by 1853
Civilisation 5: Brave New World Guide: Songhai
by snowman1989
Pious and ferocious, the Songhai dominate the Renaissance battlefields and can quickly accumulate great wealth through conquest, becoming one of the richest civilisations in the game....
LS Civ Set 1: Hetmanate
by The Shadow Chancellor
This guide will function to explain the mod civ of the Cossack Hetmanate, which was a powerful force in Ukraine up until its integration with Russia. Focusing on guerilla attacks with mounted units, the Hetmanate has a unique take to war....
[Rus\Eng] Самое быстрое прохождение на "Божество" за 10 ходов
by Cockerel
Это руководство научит вас проходить любой уровень сложности всего за 10 ходов! This guide will teach you to pass any level of complexity in just 10 moves! ...
Gandhi-How to make friends with him !
by zeer0
I will tell you how to become best friends with Gandhi !...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to China (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
China is a powerful and fun Civ focused on warfare, as well as being one of the game's most straightforward Civs to play. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Chinese strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Babylon (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Babylon is one of the game's hardest nations to face, having strengths in both defence and science, and is a good introductory Civ for scientific victories. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Babylonian strategies, uniques and how to play against...
Gandhi India Guide
by Brm
Are you tired of losing each game as India? Are you tired of unhappiness? How do you solve this problem? Well with this guide I will run through the basics for India. Since India has Population Growth, you can't expand much. This guide will help you play...
Ender's Guide To: Making New Unit Graphics
by Civitar
This is a guide on how to make new unit graphics for Civilization V, it is a compilation from tutorials and helpful posts on Civilization Fanatics' Forums that taught me how to make unit graphics. At the moment this only covers reskinning existing models,...
How to win the Korea Scenario as Korea on Deity in 16 turns
by Judicium
Using a few simple deity techniques, you can win this scenario as Korea in 16 turns (the quickest time to win). This is a great way of getting two of the scenario specific achievements, Honoring the Ancestors (Win on Deity) and Fear the Turtle (Win as Kor...
Basics - Dutch
by Ryan
Hello, this is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick the Dutch as your Civilization....
[Rus/Eng]Как быстро победить на уровне сложности "Божество"
by Stolbov
В данном руководстве я расскажу как очень быстро одержать научную победу на уровне сложности "Божество" в Sid Meier's Civilization V. In this tutorial I wi...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Persia (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
With speed bonuses, a strength bonus that works on cities, fast-healing Spearmen and a happiness-giving Bank, Persia takes out a lot of the annoyances of war in a rather unique playstyle. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Persian strategies, uni...
How not to be COMPLETELY terminated as Godwinson in 1066 scenario
I made this guide so people can have some enjoyment or, maybe even win as England like i once did in '1066: The Year of Viking Destiny' scenario. (this is pretty much the problem with hystorically accurate scenarios; if you are the nation meant to lose, y...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Greece (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Greece's uniques are some of the most straightforward around, but there's more to them than immediately apparent. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Greek strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Civilization 5 Multiplayer Modding
by Biux
A quick guide on how to make (many) Steam Workshop mods work in Civilization 5 Multiplayer games......
Zigzagzigal's Guide to England (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
The only Civ with two unique ranged units, England is a devastating opponent to face in the mid-game. This guide goes into plenty of detail about English strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
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