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Other's Guide to Russia [BNW] [GK]
by other
This guide will act as a walkthrough for the Russian civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization and how to achieve the best victory conditions. NOTE: This guide does not require the Brave New Worlds or Gods & Kings DLC, however it is recom...
Técnicas, estrategias y trucos para ganar en niveles altos
by ljdm1990
Muchas de las estrategias que permiten alcanzar tecnológicamente y militarmente la desventaja con que comienza el jugador en Deity y poder lograr ganar el juego....
[Multiplayer] Гайд: Советы по FFA игре на 4-6 игроков.
by killfuckdie
Советы по основам сетевой игры для начинающих онлайн-бойцов. Каких ошибок следует избежать для перехода от игры с Ai к живым оппонентам?! Н...
Как быть гитлером
by Длинноухая Падла
How to be Pro-Tier at PvP!
by x2Madda
Hey, do you wanna win at Civ5?! Try this guide! A FAQ for people who need to win! With all new #MLG tips like Disconnecting! Disconnection-domination, it’s like adding winning even when losing so you never lose! Sound the alarm, you’re gonna be uncomf...
Basics - Russia
by Ryan
Hello, this is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick Russia as your Civilization....
Civilization 5 Achievement Guide (Base Game)
by agent86
Think Deity difficulty is just impossible? Tired of playing game after game to get 1,000 of ALL the things? No idea what units you're missing for Model of a Modern Major General? Look no further. In this guide, I go over the more complex achievements ...
Civilization V Guide for players new and old! [WIP]
by Assassin
This guide is a complete walkthrough of game mechanics and strategies starting with new player strategies and moving on to advanced strategies such as moving your settler and micromanaging your population, as well as much, much more!...
How to create a Guide about Gandhi
by A kamikaze pilot with a helmet
1.Spell Ghandi wrong 2.Something about nukes 3.Bakestaybed by him 5.Write it at 3AM 6. 8 is gandhi's favorite number 7.Elepeanuts 9.???? 10.Profits 10/10 would guide you again...
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