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Simple Guide to the Demographics
by Spages
Does what it says on the tin! A simple guide for everything demographic in Sid Meier's Civilization V...
How to create a great civilization (v.2)
by sweg.
How to survive and win the game easily....
How to beat the Mongols
by proud ugandan warrior
This guide will show you how to counter the oh-so annoying, plague bringing Mongols! Bring a lot of GPT and some big boy pants!...
Как играть в сети
by khaletski
Как перестать бояться и начать играть в сети! Всё, что вы боялись спросить о сетевых баталиях!...
Basics - Austria
by Ryan
Hello, this is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick the Austrians as your Civilization....
[Multiplayer] Гайд: Советы по FFA игре на 4-6 игроков.
by killfuckdie
Советы по основам сетевой игры для начинающих онлайн-бойцов. Каких ошибок следует избежать для перехода от игры с Ai к живым оппонентам?! Н...
Have We Met? - How to see the future in Civ5
by scienceguy1992
Have you ever wanted to know from the start what you would be up against in a Civ 5 game? See how to tweak your early game or even victory condition from the start? Well, I'm here to help, with a little secret I discovered......
Basics - Russia
by Ryan
Hello, this is a quick video guide of what to expect if you are to pick Russia as your Civilization....
Civilization 5 - Damage Guide
by Psinuray
This guide details the amount of damage military units experienced in a fight in terms of combat strength ratio. With this guide, you do not need to pray to lady luck hoping that you win anymore when you engage in a war. Instead, you carefully plan your a...
Религия и вера в Civilization V
by khaletski
Всё о религии в игре! Бонусы, пантеоны, культы, пророки, миссионеры, инквизиторы, святилища, храмы и т.д. и т.п....
Civilization 5 - The first few turns (Vanilla/BNW)
by Lelouche Vi Britannia
This guide gives you tips on how to start off the game well :)...
How to get into the modern era super early
by Anoninson
This guide will show you how to get into the modern era as soon as possible and if you are lucky win a space victory by the 1600-1700's (like I did on a multiplayer match)...
All 43 Civilizations Tier List & Uniques Breakdown
by novaft2
Not all civilizations are created equal. This guide includes a tier list of every civilization realeased for Civ V. This includes the originals, G/K, BNW, and expansions. Included with this tier list is my breakdown of each of every civs uniques...
Civilization V Guide for players new and old! [WIP]
by Assassin
This guide is a complete walkthrough of game mechanics and strategies starting with new player strategies and moving on to advanced strategies such as moving your settler and micromanaging your population, as well as much, much more!...
How to win the Korea Scenario as Korea on Deity in 16 turns
by Judicium
Using a few simple deity techniques, you can win this scenario as Korea in 16 turns (the quickest time to win). This is a great way of getting two of the scenario specific achievements, Honoring the Ancestors (Win on Deity) and Fear the Turtle (Win as Kor...
A simple guide to fair deals in Trading and politics
by Njord
This is a guide on how to get an edge on trading in Civilization 5, and using politics to your advantage...
Thinking Strategies to Instantly Improve your Gameplay
by Advantage
Thinking Strategies to Instantly Improve your Gameplay ...
Civilization Rankings and Suggested Victory Conditions
by pyroflare77
A brief look into the advantages each civilization brings, their suggested victory type, and then their placement against all of the other civilizations....
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