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Amaro's guide to Portugal
by Hugo_Amaro
Portugal has, when played to its strengths, one of the strongest wide playing potentials out of any civ. Misunderstood at times and (for newcomers, mainly) confusing, Portugal is a civ which relatively fewer people come to master (than civs like Greece, M...
Ранняя игра
by Waillio
Данное руководство создано чтобы в понятном виде научить вас основам игры и анализу на раннем этапе игровой партии....
by ilake
Multiplayer tactics, strategies and mechanics
by Atavus
This guide explores in detail civilization 5 multiplayer. The guide is targeted at BNW, but the core concepts are applicable to all versions. The guide is aimed at FFA (free for all) game mode. ...
by arsen
文明帝國V: 字型大小改變
by --(kanchou)--
如果你覺得中文版字型太小的話...請看看這篇文章! ...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to The Incans (G&K)
by Zigzagzigal
The Incans concentrate on building very large cities and focus on easily-defended rough terrain. This guide goes in a fair level of detail about uniques, tips and tricks and how to play against them....
How not to be COMPLETELY terminated as Godwinson in 1066 scenario
by skating the hazards
I made this guide so people can have some enjoyment or, maybe even win as England like i once did in '1066: The Year of Viking Destiny' scenario. (this is pretty much the problem with hystorically accurate scenarios; if you are the nation meant to lose, y...
Открываем достижения / Achievement Saves
by Десятый
Открываем все достижения в игре с помощью сохранений....
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