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Worker Stealing Guide
by Marcus
Learn the art of slave labour! Why build what you can just take?...
a simple guide for new players...
Easiest way to win a conquest victory in 10 -15 turns,
by [MF][Drunk][Yellow]LemonJesus
Today Im going to tell you how to beat the game in 10- 15 turns with a conquest victory, 1.Choose desired Civilization,map,and size,It dosent matter witch you pick 2.Go into advanced set-up,and delete all civs,city states,and barbarians,and set the er...
Civilization 5 - The first few turns (Vanilla/BNW)
by ATCyberwolf
This guide gives you tips on how to start off the game well :)...
How to , Create, Download, and Install New Maps Into the Game (Free and Legal)
by wesleys_domination
A brief guide on how to create or download pre-created maps into the game without having to open the mods menu....
Civ V Tips And Tricks
by Le Barbaric Burnt Toast
Some tips and tricks for Civ V...
4-City Fast NC Opener
by Broseph Stalin
This is a visual guide for play against high-level AIs. We'll shoot for four cities and a National College by turn 100....
Polynesia Rules the Waves (professional Polynesia Guide)
by Kitty Purry
This is a professional Polynesia guide created by one of the world leading experts on Polynesia with over a 1000 won games. I hope to share some of my knowledge to further guide other new Polynesia palyers....
Civ-specific tricks, secrets and clarifications (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Every Civ has interesting lesser-known tricks and features. This guide compiles them, so if you want to get more out of your favourite Civ, or to find new reasons to play other Civs, here's a good place to start....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to India (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
While there are complex hidden details India has, they're nonetheless an easy-to-pick-up Civ which can play culturally or scientifically particularly effectively. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Indian strategies, uniques and how to play again...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Austria (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Austria's ability to purchase City-States makes them excellent at suddenly creating footholds in new lands, but that's not all this Civ can do. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Austrian strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Civilization V - Theming Bonuses - A Guide
by Arius Vaitso
Need help securing a Cultural Victory..? Learn the esoteric art of Theming Bonuses!...
Montezuma Aztec Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a Civ that has warriors that can travel through rough terrain? Want to earn extra culture for killing your enemies and sacrifiying them to the Gods? Well the Aztc Civilization is for you. Led by Montezuma, the Aztecs are ready to conqu...
Installing Mods for Mac Users
by Evan9891
Mac Users, do you want to play mods on your Mac or unsure how to do it? Don't worry, this guide will teach you how to enable and run your mod in Civilizations V in no time!...
Phoenix's Modern-Day Guide for Conquest with England
by PhiPhi
This guide aims to cover all of the strategy and gamplay considerations that you will need to play to win as England, from wonders and policies to military choices and battle tactics....
making good decisions
by Glorp
how to set your sights on things in sid meter's civilization v (bnw)...
by blobBIT
HEY YOU! Yes, you! Did you came here to civ V multiplayer guides section to learn? Do you feel like there is something in the game that you can't have grasp on? Are you losing mathes against your friends and it's annoying you? Well look no further....
by The Dalek
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