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Ancient Era Timing Attack
by Aexerus
A guide describing how best to conquer a civ before the classical era....
Цивилизация 5 в одном разговоре.
by Otto von Bismarck
Вся цивилизация.Может содержать изрядную долю бреда и личной информации....
Kucham Khan Siberian Khanate Guide
by Brm
Are you tired of useless snow and tundra tiles? How about land units that move after attacking? How about a building that provides food and extra from sources? Then the Siberian Khanate is the Civ for you! Led by Khucham Khan, the Siberian Khanate is read...
Gandhi-How to make friends with him !
by zeer0
I will tell you how to become best friends with Gandhi !...
How to trust Gandhi
by InsanityLemon
Trusting Gandhi is very simple just follow my steps....
How not to be COMPLETELY terminated as Godwinson in 1066 scenario
by Potato
I made this guide so people can have some enjoyment or, maybe even win as England like i once did in '1066: The Year of Viking Destiny' scenario. (this is pretty much the problem with hystorically accurate scenarios; if you are the nation meant to lose, y...
LS Civ Set 1: Khmer
by The Shadow Chancellor
This guide will function to explain how to play the Kingdom of Khmer, known for the building of Angkor Wat. Growth through conquering and a strong infrastructure are the name of the game....
Janis Cakste Latvia Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a Civ that can stand the might of your foes? How about a Civ that gives its cities increased strength and hitpoints? Then the Latvia is the Civ for you. Led by Janis Cakste, Latvia is ready to conquer. Latvias Unique Ability, Latvian F...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to the Shoshone (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
The Shoshone come with one of the game's strongest starts and an unrivalled ability to grab land. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Shoshone strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
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