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How to Easily and Quickly Win on Deity (all expansions)
by Renhir
These guides provide a series of steps that, when followed, will allow you to win on any difficulty - including Deity - in 20-30 turns. Guides are included for each expansion. Time to knock out those achievements!...
Gandhi Survival Guilde (Sarcastic Guide)
by Billy The Kidd
(DO NOT take this seriously, this is only meant to make you laugh) Well, we all know in Civ5 Gandhi likes his nukes more then North Korea. He will turn on you the second you spell his name wrong and he will not hesitate to blow you to pieces... as I ha...
Zigzagdada's military unit guide for Civ V
by -Zigzagdada-
A Basic guide to my units, the ones I think are the top units and what units are effective at...
How to win every online match (Works 10% of the time)
by Seras Victoria
Step 1. Tell everyone this "Hey guys I'm a Jewish and I'm from Iraq please go easy on me" Step 2. If they don't go easy and let you win say "ALLAH HELP ME" Hope this helped...
Other's Guide to Russia [BNW] [GK]
by other
This guide will act as a walkthrough for the Russian civilization in Sid Meier's Civilization and how to achieve the best victory conditions. NOTE: This guide does not require the Brave New Worlds or Gods & Kings DLC, however it is recom...
Shadow's bitesized guide to multiplayer war (Semi-Advanced, Ambush, Defense and Placement)
by Shadow Reaper
This my a guide covering some subjects of multiplayer war in Civilization 5 (Brave New World/G&K expansions) This is my first guide and as such may be quite bad, hopefully that is not the case! I am a Australian gamer and would like too share some of my ...
How to be the best war monger!
by chrisrofl
This guide will teach you the best ways to become a war monger. with this guide not even gandi can stop you. unless he has nuke then no one can save you then....
How to defeat the Zulu
by RoastedTwinkies
lol you dont...
by Walrumminati
Kill them....
How to be Pro-Tier at PvP!
by x2Madda
Hey, do you wanna win at Civ5?! Try this guide! A FAQ for people who need to win! With all new #MLG tips like Disconnecting! Disconnection-domination, it’s like adding winning even when losing so you never lose! Sound the alarm, you’re gonna be uncomf...
Как быть гитлером
by Длинноуих падла
How to beat Poland
by eimer6174
This guide is an in depth discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of Poland, focusing on the proper methods to counteract said abilities in a multiplayer setting....
A quick guide to beating Civilization on Deity for your achievments.
by El Kabong
Are you like me, tired of seeing those achievements for beating Civilization on Emperor or Deity in your list, but are always going "Man, I suck at this game! I'll never beat it under THOSE conditions!". Worry no more, friend - allow me to give you a chea...
How to trust Gandhi!
by [PCG]☭Pavel Morozov☭
This will teach you how to trust Gandhi the nuke wielder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I will not be just dont or anything like that!...
How to win as America
by pepproni pizza from dominoes
You want to win as America I see. I have a great guide for that!...
Civ 5-How the AI behaves-Tips and tricks to deal with them
by BortyTheBort
This guide will teach you how the AI behaves (in my experience) if something seems off then tell me THIS WILL HAVE MORE ADDED ON IN THE FUTURE,I`M STILL DOING A BIT OF RESEARCH ON SOME CIVS If you have some info on some civs,listed or not listed I wil...
Epidemics on the Civ 5 Leaders that are Hard to See
by Mangamuffins101
Sid Miers Civilization V is has leaders who are, body wise, epidemic free! Or, thats what it appears to be. Read further in this guide to find out exactly who is plagued with these blemishes....
How to play as the Arabs
by Dosh-Dispenser 2.0
True kebab playstyle...
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