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How to win the Korea Scenario as Korea on Deity in 16 turns
by Judicium
Using a few simple deity techniques, you can win this scenario as Korea in 16 turns (the quickest time to win). This is a great way of getting two of the scenario specific achievements, Honoring the Ancestors (Win on Deity) and Fear the Turtle (Win as Kor...
How to create a Guide about Gandhi
by Festive Luna
1.Spell Ghandi wrong 2.Something about nukes 3.Bakestaybed by him 5.Write it at 3AM 6. 8 is gandhi's favorite number 7.Elepeanuts 9.???? 10.Profits 10/10 would guide you again...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Germany (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Germany can build a large, strong army quickly and cheaply, and has strength both in the earlier and later stages of the game. This guide goes into plenty of detail about German strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
by dylangcheetah
Expanding is important in the beginning. Why? Find out!...
Have We Met? - How to see the future in Civ5
by scienceguy1992
Have you ever wanted to know from the start what you would be up against in a Civ 5 game? See how to tweak your early game or even victory condition from the start? Well, I'm here to help, with a little secret I discovered......
How to stop Gandhi backstabbing!
by Sanic the hedgehog GTG FSAT
How to stop gandhi backstabbing you.....
[Rus\Eng] Самое быстрое прохождение на "Божество" за 10 ходов
by Cockerel
Это руководство научит вас проходить любой уровень сложности всего за 10 ходов! This guide will teach you to pass any level of complexity in just 10 moves! ...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Babylon (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Babylon is one of the game's hardest nations to face, having strengths in both defence and science, and is a good introductory Civ for scientific victories. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Babylonian strategies, uniques and how to play against...
Teddyk's Haida Civ
by The Shadow Chancellor
Joining the official civs, a number of mod civs have been created. This set of civs all come as one mod set, and they all have unique abilities that play unlike any of the pre-existing civs. Today, the Haida, first of the first set, will be covered....
How to beat the game on Diety
by Fältmarskalk saft och bulle
Before I begin I would like to thank my friend Applepie-sama who told me about this strategy. This guide will teach you how to beat the game on diety in less than 20 minutes. This guide is focused on the diplomatic victory. *Choose your leader, any ...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to England (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
The only Civ with two unique ranged units, England is a devastating opponent to face in the mid-game. This guide goes into plenty of detail about English strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Genghis Khan Mongolia Guide
by Brm
Are you ready for conquest? Are you ready to amass a horde of horsemen? Then Mongolia is the Civ for you. Mongolia is the most common conquering Civ in the game. Their ability Mongol Terror allows city states and cities themselves to be easily conquered b...
Civ V Basics
by 女学生 アリス
This guide will help those who are completely lost on the first turn and don't know what they're doing, hopefully pushing them in the right direction and learning the game and possibly coming close to a victory in a few games. I will assume you have all D...
How to kill Ghengis Khan
by RoNsTiG
How to stop this mother trucker!...
A Namekian's Guide to Arabia (Civ5)
by wesleys_domination
Quick guide on how to vin as Arabia in Civ5. Prince-King Difficulty, Domination or Science Victory...
CIVILIZATION 1 Advisor Avatars for Steam [DE/EN]
by aleX
Download-Package with all CIVILIZATION1 advisors as steam Avatars....
Washington America Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a conquering Civ other than Mongolia? Do you want to bomb your enemies with better planes? Well America is the Civ for you. Led by President Washington, the Civ can conquer and expand like any other Civ. With its ability, Manifest Dest...
Setting foot - A very simple guide to survive the first turns
by Tocy
A very, very basic guide for new players and for only to help them surive the first couple of turns. These tips and recommendations are as general as possible to make it useful for every beginner....
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