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Zigzagzigal's Guide to the Shoshone (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
The Shoshone come with one of the game's strongest starts and an unrivalled ability to grab land. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Shoshone strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Janis Cakste Latvia Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a Civ that can stand the might of your foes? How about a Civ that gives its cities increased strength and hitpoints? Then the Latvia is the Civ for you. Led by Janis Cakste, Latvia is ready to conquer. Latvias Unique Ability, Latvian F...
Napoleon France Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a culture based Civ? How about a Civ that balances culture and war? Well, then France is the right Civ for you. Led by the stubby Napoleon, France is a cultural based Civ. Frances unique ability, Ancien Regime, gives cities +2 Culture ...
[Rus\Eng] Самое быстрое прохождение на "Божество" за 10 ходов
by Cockerel
Это руководство научит вас проходить любой уровень сложности всего за 10 ходов! This guide will teach you to pass any level of complexity in just 10 moves! ...
Expansion - How should you act
by High Jarl Archaden
This guide is to cover if you should build cities fast, or can take it a bit slower and have happier and easy to manage empire....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Ethiopia (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Ethiopia is flexible, defends effectively and scales well with higher difficulties. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Ethiopian strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
LS Civ Set 1: Hetmanate
by The Shadow Chancellor
This guide will function to explain the mod civ of the Cossack Hetmanate, which was a powerful force in Ukraine up until its integration with Russia. Focusing on guerilla attacks with mounted units, the Hetmanate has a unique take to war....
How to win the Korea Scenario as Korea on Deity in 16 turns
by Judicium
Using a few simple deity techniques, you can win this scenario as Korea in 16 turns (the quickest time to win). This is a great way of getting two of the scenario specific achievements, Honoring the Ancestors (Win on Deity) and Fear the Turtle (Win as Kor...
HoW t0 bE guD and CiV 5 Guide
by Soviet Space Doge
How to be gud at civ....
How to survive and perhaps win Fall of Rome on Deity as the West Roman Empire
by Stonetorl
A detailed guide on how to not get totally pummeled as the West Rome on Deity difficulty, with a special strategy that focuses on repairing the Roman economy....
How to kill Ghengis Khan
by RoNsTiG
How to stop this mother trucker!...
How to create a Guide about Gandhi
by Festive Luna
1.Spell Ghandi wrong 2.Something about nukes 3.Bakestaybed by him 5.Write it at 3AM 6. 8 is gandhi's favorite number 7.Elepeanuts 9.???? 10.Profits 10/10 would guide you again...
How to beat the game on Diety
by Fältmarskalk saft och bulle
Before I begin I would like to thank my friend Applepie-sama who told me about this strategy. This guide will teach you how to beat the game on diety in less than 20 minutes. This guide is focused on the diplomatic victory. *Choose your leader, any ...
How To Win Civ 5 Without Thinking About It (Revised Edition)
by Duke_Vandera
The full version of my guide. After some very true comments about my guide not being the full experience i thought i might share with everyone....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to France (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
France has two bonuses to tourism that work in different ways, making them one of the strongest Civs around at cultural victories and are a great introductory Civ for such a route. This guide goes into plenty of detail about French strategies, uniques and...
Nuclear Warfare:A strategic guide
by Kingslayer
When you think about the results of a nuclear war you always regret it. It always seems a waste of your economy and a disaster of outright porportions. You ask was it worth it? What could i have done to prevent the counter strike? How much am i going to p...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to England (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
The only Civ with two unique ranged units, England is a devastating opponent to face in the mid-game. This guide goes into plenty of detail about English strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Sweden (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
Sweden is a flexible nation, but it does best at the art of diplomacy. Unusually amongst diplomatic nations, it does better building tall rather than wide. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Swedish strategies, uniques and how to play against the...
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