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Amaro's guide to Portugal
by Hugo_Amaro
Portugal has, when played to its strengths, one of the strongest wide playing potentials out of any civ. Misunderstood at times and (for newcomers, mainly) confusing, Portugal is a civ which relatively fewer people come to master (than civs like Greece, M...
Ранняя игра
by Waillio
Данное руководство создано чтобы в понятном виде научить вас основам игры и анализу на раннем этапе игровой партии....
by ilake
Multiplayer tactics, strategies and mechanics
by Atavus
This guide explores in detail civilization 5 multiplayer. The guide is targeted at BNW, but the core concepts are applicable to all versions. The guide is aimed at FFA (free for all) game mode. ...
by arsen
文明帝國V: 字型大小改變
by --(kanchou)--
如果你覺得中文版字型太小的話...請看看這篇文章! ...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to The Incans (G&K)
by Zigzagzigal
The Incans concentrate on building very large cities and focus on easily-defended rough terrain. This guide goes in a fair level of detail about uniques, tips and tricks and how to play against them....
How not to be COMPLETELY terminated as Godwinson in 1066 scenario
by skating the hazards
I made this guide so people can have some enjoyment or, maybe even win as England like i once did in '1066: The Year of Viking Destiny' scenario. (this is pretty much the problem with hystorically accurate scenarios; if you are the nation meant to lose, y...
Открываем достижения / Achievement Saves
by Десятый
Открываем все достижения в игре с помощью сохранений....
Washington America Guide
by Brm
Are you looking for a conquering Civ other than Mongolia? Do you want to bomb your enemies with better planes? Well America is the Civ for you. Led by President Washington, the Civ can conquer and expand like any other Civ. With its ability, Manifest Dest...
Simple Guide to the Demographics
by Spages
Does what it says on the tin! A simple guide for everything demographic in Sid Meier's Civilization V...
Course à l'espace et autres succès
by [CPC] Djinn42
Le but de ce guide est de débloquer relativement simplement les succès suivants en une seule partie : Le chef des douze colonies (Remportez une victoire sur une carte "Immense".) Un plan sans accroc (Remportez une victoire en mode "Div...
[Multiplayer]Основы боевых действий в FFA игре.
by killfuckdie
Многие игроки, особенно привыкшие к боям с ИИ-оппонентами, очень теряются при освоении сетевых баталий, воюют неправильно, нерешительно и б...
Удобный выбор наций в Sid Meier's Civilization V
by khaletski
Не знаете как распределить нации между игроками, а отдаваться на волю случая не хотите? Значит эта страница для вас! Не знаете как распредел...
Pax Romana Aeternum guide (east rome)
by Nickzilla
My guide on how to get this very difficult achievement as Byzantium AKA East Rome. It might not be perfect but at least it won't make you any worse! * *not guaranteed...
Zigzagzigal's Guide to Arabia (BNW)
by Zigzagzigal
With a mighty Unique Unit and effective economic bonuses, Arabia can push towards either domination or diplomacy. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Arabian strategies, uniques and how to play against them....
How to play Civ V Multiplayer with Mods! [BNW]
by Chrisy15
NOTE: This process doesn't work with scenarios, or any mod that affects SQL. There may also be issues with mods that have dependences, but I haven't fully looked into these yet. Otherwise, this is a simple way to play mods with your friends!...
Civ 5 Strategy Guide for Brave New World
by Carl
A Guide to Civilization 5 and its two DLCs, Brave New World and Gods and Kings. Includes a full list of Civs with their benefits, and differences in unique units/buildings when compared to the normal variant. Also features sections for gameplay tips, Wond...
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