Shaggy 2013年1月12日 11時41分
Is G&K worth it?
Is it?
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Vincent 2013年1月12日 11時50分 
I believe it's very much worth it. The game just feels much richer overall.
I don't even know where to start, but I couldn't go back to vanilla Civ V after G&K.
Synavix 2013年1月12日 11時59分 
I would personally wait for another sale, but my short answer would be yes, it's worth it. I'd also never go back to vanilla if I had a choice.
geist〤ノノノ 2013年1月12日 12時08分 
Without it I would not even play. Never understood why they released vanilla without such important gameplay features like religion.
AlienInvader 2013年1月12日 14時02分 
it's on sale at amazon for 14.99 right now. I was debating whether or not to get it also, but I decided to wait for a better deal on it.
Mushroomman 2013年1月12日 14時19分 
It's amazing. There is no reason to not get it.
tta91690 2013年1月12日 15時25分 
Many of us are having problems loading/starting games right now so don't get your hopes up. Just figured I'd let you know the current situation before you spend your $.
Lugialord 2013年1月12日 16時16分 
I don't have it, but I really like the reintroduction of Religion (Where was that in vanilla? D:), and Espionage. I also like the new civs, especially Austria.
imtheBESTatciv 2013年1月12日 16時40分 
I agree with synavix,you should wait till its on sale. Game is overall BETTER, if your a civ 5 fan you have to get this. other than that its the same old same old, you find 6 ppl all rage quit at the start ir middle, nothing new. you might want to make friends and play with them. :)
Hercalys2 2013年1月12日 17時16分 
Gods and Kings adds SO much to the game, as well as makes the AI more intelligent. Gods and Kings is WELL worth it, and I personally will not be returning to vinilla, thats how good it is
geist〤ノノノ 2013年1月12日 23時55分 
tta91690 の投稿を引用:
Many of us are having problems loading/starting games right now so don't get your hopes up. Just figured I'd let you know the current situation before you spend your $.
True story. The game crashes randomly, but it's nonetheless better than vanilla. I had to set the autosave function to a very high intervall, like every 2 turns. And I rage every time it crashes. But it's still better than vanilla ^^ But there are also people who can't get into the game at all, which totally sucks. 2k/Firaxis should get their arses moving about this.
Usbdriver 2013年1月13日 6時27分 
Right now the game is a bit too buggy, and price wise I would say no. Content wise a definite yes. Just wait for a sale on the expansion. It was on sale on Greenman Gaming for $3.75 I believe (during the winter sale). It's bound to go on sale again sometime.
Supermarine 2013年1月14日 8時45分 
It is better than vanilla for sure. Why don't you just download the demo and see for yourself?
Twelvefield 2013年1月14日 10時19分 
G&K is worth it if you already love Civ V.
Amicus_Fidelis 2013年1月14日 11時29分 
Since I bought Civ 5 last week at gamestop for 14.99. I've been scouring the internet for a cheap GODS AND KINGS expansion thats not 29.99. (no offense steam :) but I'm on a budget...I saw Kennmanz post that he saw the expansion for 14.99 on Amazon..I searched everywhere on amazon and couldn't find it. Can anyone provide a link or something to a better priced GODS AND KINGS expansion? If that's not against the rules. And I did see it online for 16.50 + Ship + Hand 3.99..thats like 20 bucks but not a very good user rating and I'd rather not pay more for an expansion that for the actual game. I don't real care for the expansion persay but most of the good mods here on steam seem to require it, If there's a way to filter the Gods and Kings expansion mods from the Vanilla plz let me know? lol...I checkmarked just vanilla and NO MODS came up. Maybe its just better to learn to use SDK idk?
[Cp6ija] Yoda 2013年1月14日 14時06分 
Totally ;)
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