BarraDan Jan 7, 2013 @ 4:32pm
Cant pick religion
Hi recently purchased G &K expansion pack i can only play till i get to choose a religion(75-100 turns) if click choose religion n select one the "found" button isnt highlighted unable to click gets stuck in a loop, i can click "back" to game screen asking me to pick religion again. If i just keep making holy sites the game plays on but its a bit pointless all these features i cant access.I haved played to this point 4 times now i have mods off have verified cache file several times i have followed advice here to lodge complaint with 2K games 26/12/12 still no response, before i installed this G&K the game was fine ( i have all other DLC s). I have read forums has anyone seen this before? Is there a solution?
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mylor41 Jan 7, 2013 @ 4:50pm 
I think you're missing that it's a 2-step process. When you get the first great prophet and click on it to 'found religion' that doesn't take you to the screen to found one. You must then click on the button on the lower right where "Next Turn" would appear when it says Found Religion, usually before the end of the turn. That click will take you to the found religion screen and give you those choices to start your religion. Clicking on the great prophet's found religion button only sets up the new button to click. It's not very intuitive there so I could understand if that is what you've been missing. I don't think it's a bug, just not an intuitive interface.
BarraDan Jan 7, 2013 @ 5:08pm 
sorry "mylor41" thats what i mean i get into the screen to choose religion n if i click on one that found relgion button is not working at all( the button is not highlighted clicking it does nothing). For me there is only one way off that page the back button which just goes back to game ( i have taken a screeshot) . thanks for your explanation.
The Rock God Jan 7, 2013 @ 8:12pm 
Your screenshot clearly shows that you haven't chosen the founder or follower belief yet.
BarraDan Jan 7, 2013 @ 9:08pm 
Thanks for that yes the founder n follower belief. it was just my bad cheers all
Sonaris Jan 8, 2013 @ 7:21am 
There is no bad my friend. It was a little confusing for me too in the biginning. A number of aspects have changed vis-a-vis the Civ 5 and its expansion pack G & K. Incidentally, there are two elements to choose from whilst enhancing the religion is concerned.
deltadeathrs Jul 21, 2013 @ 2:43am 
In my last game, it ran out of religions to take by the time I got there, so a great prophet never appeared.
stormypast Sep 2 @ 8:13pm 
I am now having the same problem after haven instead the pack. I'm not following post to understand how to found a religion. Please help.
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