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Kubusta 2013年1月2日 3時51分
New Civilizations
Hi guys, mb it have been discussed here already, however, I would like to ask you guys for an opinion or kind of help or comment to this: - Is there any chance that Firaxis Games could make a DLC based on player´s suggestion? I mean. If a player gave a detailed decription of a NEW Civilization ,which is not in the game yet, with ideas on the Leader, Units, Abilities, with descriptions of the new civil. etc., is there any chance that it would be officially added to the game? IF for example it got good rating in SteamWorskop etc?
Thx for answer guys :)
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Mikhail }>СМЕРШ<{ 2013年1月2日 4時11分 
Since Civ5 has hit GOTY status, it's unlikely because DLC isn't released after GOTY bundle.
Kubusta 2013年1月2日 4時27分 
e.g. Korea is not in the GOTY Civ5 though.
Matthew 2013年1月2日 11時05分 
There have been tons of new civ ideas and mods tossed around since probably the days of Civilization 1. I don't foresee Firaxis doing a contest/suggestion type of deal, but there are guesses that a second expansion is in the works, which could potentially add a number of new civs.

Note that the guesses are based off of speculation on the popularity of Civ5 and the unlikelihood that nothing new will be released until a Civ6, and are not based on anything specific.
Kubusta 2013年1月3日 2時25分 
Ah. Interesting.
Would be nice to have more civilizations added because it makes the game much much enjoyable and various.
Homicide 2013年1月3日 7時46分 
The Canadian civilization, Leader - Justin Bieber. =P
Hashassin 2013年1月3日 8時16分 
or Man Utd civilization, leader - Howard Webb :D
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