evil cheese 2013년 1월 1일 오후 7시 35분
What meme's would you like to see in Civ V?
WHAAAZZZZZUUUUPPPPP!!! lol, anyway I'm working on a mod that adds meme's to Civ V! That's right, meme's! Good Guy Greg, Me Gusta, Derpface, Succesful Black man, and of course the Suicidal Frog meme! Imagine this: The Flying Spagheti Monster (PBUH) commanding an army of Derpfaces! If this sounds awsome to you feel free to add some ideas
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vinceip 2013년 1월 1일 오후 10시 59분 
I think you should leave.
Fattony12000 2013년 1월 1일 오후 11시 31분 
Sid will take no part in this. NO PART I SAY!
The Rock God 2013년 1월 2일 오전 1시 39분 
None. And memes doesn't have an apostrophe in it. Not to mention that most of those aren't even memes (especially FSM).
Archaon 2013년 1월 2일 오전 3시 27분 
Just ♥♥♥♥ off.
You are the cancer that is killing: Movies, Games and Music.
You are the cancer that is ruining the Internet.
Keep your "Funny" and "Original" jokes on 9gag.
evil cheese 2013년 1월 2일 오후 5시 05분 
9Gag and meme's are funny and addicting and thousands of people agree with me
Archaon 2013년 1월 3일 오전 3시 29분 
9gag did not invent meme's, and children like you can only laugh about unfunny comics with "Rage Faces" wich you all misuse.
Hashassin 2013년 1월 3일 오전 8시 21분 
i see what you did here... ehhh no...
close enough... no, not as well...
cool jamal, y u no agree that memes arent that funny...

still, this thread is better lovestory than twilight...
evil cheese 2013년 1월 6일 오후 10시 28분 
haha y u know guy would make such a good meme unit
Mr White 2013년 1월 8일 오전 11시 32분 
Take your memes back to the content aggregators where you found them please, the last thing any of us want is Civ being flooded with people who only talk like they have had a lobotomy and been spoon fed pictures that were only funny 5 years ago.
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