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sonderkraftfahrzeug 2013年6月2日 5時56分
Freedom Force Mods
I am about to start playing this and am wondering if there are any mods I shoud install to enjoy it 10+ years after release? I am mostly looking for bug fixes and graphical updates than new content.
最近の変更はsonderkraftfahrzeugが行いました; 2013年6月2日 6時05分
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Scot.Dos 2013年10月10日 12時16分 
Oh there's lots of content that has been released, I don't know of much though that is really 'essential' freedom reborn is one big community site.
sonderkraftfahrzeug 2013年10月10日 18時13分 
Doh - I finished the game a few months back. Where were you ? :(
twist_and_blood 2月26日 6時57分 
There was a looooooooot of content,and evn you could create,irrational provided a leap of tools to customize your game
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