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Kalum [FoE] 1. led. 2013 v 6.40 odp.
Run This game in 98/Me compatibility Mode and as Admin
This is an old game and to fix the issues it must run in Windows 98/Me Compatibility mode and as Admin.

Right click the game in your library , Select properties,Local Files Tab, Browse Local Files.

A Window opens Right click on "fforce.exe" > properties > Compatibility Tab.

Check " run this program on compatibility Mode For: Windows 98/Me"

Check Run This program as administrator

Click Apply
Click Ok

Close all windows
Restart Steam ( to be safe not needed)
Restart game ( You must restart game)

I hope this helps!
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Crestfall 2. led. 2013 v 4.12 dop. 
Thank you, friend!
Dadstheman 20. úno. 2013 v 11.07 dop. 
I must be particularly dense, but when I right click on the desktop icon (or the program icon in the start menu), I dont get a local files tab from properities. I get: General, web, security, details and previous versions tabs only. I have win 7 64 bit os and a small brain. Any advice of the click, click, click variety (as opposed to the "open file, insert binary code in line 57"), would be much appreciated.
arcz316 24. úno. 2013 v 11.06 dop. 
Nothing wrong with being dense - happens to everyone. Original poster said to right click from your Steam library.

To get to the same place from the start menu, Right click and go to Properties. That should put you on the Shortcut tab. From there select Open File Location and then you can Right click the actual file and follow the original instructions.
InLiquidWonder 5. bře. 2013 v 5.13 odp. 
I've done all of these steps with no success - Minuteman still runs in opposing directions until I click the left mouse button after issuing a move order. No dice!
El 4. říj. 2013 v 9.00 odp. 
I just started the game and as soon as I gave the first move order he bolted out of the map and there was no stopping him. WTF?
Colep7 21. lis. 2013 v 5.09 odp. 
I cant even get the game to run no mater what i do any help?
gamerfieldy 31. led. v 4.55 odp. 
It works great for me in vista and in windows 7
To fix the fist icon bug do the following:
All you have to do, is find the FF.exe file in the game folder and
right click it, go to properties, compatibility tab,
1. check the box that says
"run in compatability mode" , in the pull down menu select "Win98/ME"
2. check to box to disable visual desktop
3. check to box to disable desktop composition
4. click the OK button
5. Now right click on the STEAM shortcut on your desktop that launches STEAM (not the game shortcut.
6. right click it, go to properties, compatibility tab.
7. check the box that says
"run in compatability mode" , in the pull down menu select "XP service pack 3".
8. click the OK button
step 9.
*IMPORTANT*. EXIT steam, make sure you right click close steam thats is still running on your system tray or the changes won't take affect.
Now when you launch steam it will be in xp compatibilty mode, which will allow you to launch freedom force in win 98/ME mode to play the game without the fist bug on newer video cards / newer OSes.

.......Your welcome ;)
T-Bags 15. dub. v 11.25 dop. 
Works like this in my Windows 8 as well, thank you!
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