Freedom Force

Freedom Force

jon1carlo Mar 27, 2014 @ 6:54am
The missing step in the cursor bug-fix have to follow all the steps in ALL the guides to fix the.

SEt all your run-as settings as --disable scale on high res, enable run as admin,

Here's the important part: WHen the cursor stops working, enable 640x480 16-bit resolution--MUST BE 16-BIT. YOu may also have to set all the graphic settings in-game to the lowest possible setting. Then restart the game. Start a new campaign in 640x480 and the cursor shouls be all good. Load a previous game if applicable. Now switch the resolution and sound/etc. to what you want and it will work.

So restarting the game after resetting the resolution to the lowest setting is the key.

It has worked here for a couple of missions so far and is holding strong. Very happy I finally got this working after many hours of trying Great game...almost gave up on it. Don't have a steam copy but I think it should work regardeless of version. Hopefully that helps all of you. Spread th word!

EDIT: If you quit in the new resolution it might stop working again....just repeat the process to get things back in order. Slightly annoying but the game sure looks great being able to run it in 2500x1600 32-bit with few worries.
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