ghostang Aug 14 @ 7:40am
For those on the fence, here's something important to know before buying
There is no crappy third party DRM, no need to make another half dozen adware accounts somewhere and link them. Just buy, install, play, the way our lord and savior GabeN intended. Yesssss!

That is a huge plus, unlike the hoops some producers make you go through. *cough*rockstar*cough*

As for whether you will enjoy it, thats probably personal but I encountered no bugginess, a nice level of depth in the graphics, and smooth movement. The engine shows its age, but still looks and performs very well. Story criticisms aside, it felt like it fit well in the Bioshock franchise and did justice to the title.

Just remember its a story game FPS, so while you have some environmental freedom (quite a bit actually) it is still a set path. Replayability in this type of game is limited by design, but still enjoyable for several playthroughs.
Date Posted: Aug 14 @ 7:40am
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