Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
Big Smile Feb 15 @ 2:51am
Do I need both Civ IV and Civ IV: Beyond the Sword installed?
or just Civ IV: Beyond the Sword? Thanks
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Savv Feb 15 @ 3:30pm 
Just Beyond the Sword. But it doesn’t have a tutorial, so I think it’s worth installing Civ IV for that alone.
Sir Hammerlock Feb 15 @ 4:35pm 
civ 4 is needed to play civ 4 bts
Savv Feb 16 @ 1:03am 
Originally posted by Uomo Nero:
civ 4 is needed to play civ 4 bts
Nope. I don’t have Civ IV installed and I can play BtS just fine.
Hypothetical Axolotl Feb 16 @ 1:42pm 
Though you do need to OWN civ4, apparently. For some reason.
Fersoltil Feb 24 @ 8:31am 
Only istall BtS, that's enough.
HappyG♥yFriend Mar 1 @ 12:45am 
steam version's BTS is a stand alone game,the retail version BTS need CIV4.
So the retail BTS is actually a DLC,and steam version BTS is a stand alone game.
If you just want to play Civilization game,I say only BTS is far enough for you,but Civ4 compelete is so cheap that I will recommend you buy them all.
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