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Shatlack Feb 28 @ 11:03am
sliding off the track
does having a steering wheel make a diffrence in the game or do you allways slide off the track using the keyboard, ive tried lowering the pressure on my tires and any car i use if i go over 100 mph when i go around a curve i just slide off the track any ideas or help would be appriciated
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AngryPostmanSthlm Feb 28 @ 11:56am 
got no time now but with some time and knowing how you drive and you tell tyretemps after some laps (i think i finally got the mystic line a guy told me :) but its about watch and use temperatures for decisions what to change). it may be possible to set up a little but with KB i for one wouldnt come 1 lap before 4th juli.... 2015 that is.
Felix_Do_Souto Feb 28 @ 12:22pm 
Check and config the keyboard sensitivity because probably u use steering too high ,my suggestion is down it to 10 or 12 maximum.
Shatlack Feb 28 @ 1:01pm 
ok thanks guys for all advice
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