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‎ ‎ 4 set 2012, ore 16:35
Petition for Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2!
As some of you are already most aware, GW2 is *not* available on Steam. And, so while i have noticed a somewhat "different" experience w/GW1 on PC, i am hoping to petition for a GW:RE2 and or PC version that includes all the prior versions ever released in an HD, PC optimized way.

For those who believe as i do, that it is a community oriented game, with leaderboards, etc. I'd like for you to join me in helping not only use the new revolutionized Steam layout, but also an effort to see more, far more fantastic products like GW2 and it's other similar titles get on here.

Thank you.

Thank you Brett S. on page 5 who started the petition!
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Zendle 4 set 2012, ore 23:12 
I agree. GW2 needs to come to pc!!!
‎ ‎ 5 set 2012, ore 10:41 
More agree's and pushes from us, a community that *is* appreciated by companies like say, Valve. Valve happens to be rather good with their consumer rapport, so please help to push it!
bennord 8 set 2012, ore 8:55 
agreed. i was disappointed when i realized that all the great game modes from GW2 were missing from GW PC version. from the screenshots, i thought this was going to be a direct port of GW2 from xbox. (since the orignal GW looked much different...) oh well, guess i should have done some research before purchase. missing survival mode, but will have to be satisfied with default mode for now :)
‎ ‎ 9 set 2012, ore 15:29 
More pushing, we love this game!
Snows 10 set 2012, ore 16:53 
I actually bought an xbox about 2 years ago specifically so I could play GW2. Eventually I sold it, but I still miss the days when I could play that beautiful game.

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons this isn't really possible. The first, of course, being that Bizzare Creations studio was shut down a few months ago after the failures that were Blur and James Bond: Blood Stone. The second reason being that Activision is too busy making billions of dollars off of Call of Duty to care about the sixpence they'll make from a PC release of a minor arcade game.

I fully support this movement, but realistically I don't see it going anywhere. Sorry guys.
Burnt Identity 11 set 2012, ore 16:58 
Heres my vote, bring it on..lets play GW2.
EmmaWatsonsBF 11 set 2012, ore 17:09 
GW:RE2 is not good.

What we really need is GW:RE3
‎ ‎ 11 set 2012, ore 17:43 
^ agreeed
‎ ‎ 11 set 2012, ore 17:44 
wiregrind 20 set 2012, ore 8:16 
mite b cool.
I mean I'd like a better community based Geometry Wars experience in PC. I'm not an xbox guy, but who doesn't love some modern Robotron gameplay from time to time.

It might never happen though, this is some obscure steam game after all.
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‎ ‎ 20 set 2012, ore 9:55 
True, wouldn't mind seeing more GW2 or something relative for the PC, and multiplayer online.
DerbsMcBergs 22 set 2012, ore 17:54 
I will be playing this game 20 years from now. I would love a second one.
‎ ‎ 23 set 2012, ore 15:03 
Then throw in your support, put as many pushes as possible to request Activisions support on it.
Mr Babache 23 set 2012, ore 18:37 
I specifically searched steam for GW:RE2 and was sorely disappointed to see only the prequel. Definitely in support of this movement. *Push*
‎ ‎ 24 set 2012, ore 20:05 
Yus :D

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