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ChrisG 2012年11月18日 17時37分
[HOWTO] Upload screenshots to Game Hub for Underworld.
First at all:
You need a 3rd party programm like "Fraps".
You have to activate Fraps while playing and make some screenshots ofc.
Use setting .jpg for your screenshots.

Create a new folder in STEAM/userdata/(your id?)/760/remote and call it 8140
(Anniversary is 8000 btw)
In 8140 folder create a new folder called screenshots
In screenshots folder create a new folder called thumbnails

Now you can put your screenshots made with fraps in folder screenshots and a copy in thumbnails. Im not sure if you have to rename them to STEAM format like 2012-01-01_00001.jpg. Atleast i do that.

If you have your screenshots in folder screenshot and in thumbnails you can restart STEAM and now it should show your offline screenshots in your game library at TR:Underworld

Open the Screenshot Uploader and upload them as any other screenshot.

With this option you could also upload any other picture to STEAM to any Game Library even if the picture does not belong to this game.

Hope it helps. :)
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Inert Goon 2012年11月24日 21時26分 
Thanks for this, very helpful.
ChrisG 2012年11月25日 13時07分 
Winchester7314 2013年1月17日 14時41分 
same for legend, but all you have to do is add it as a non-steam game, and then community works, then you go through the process as described...had the unfortunate task of figuring this out myself lol
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