Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld

LeNyn Feb 27, 2013 @ 2:44pm
Steam Overlay Problem
ok guys, as we know, Tomb raider won't allow steam overlay to work, The same problem as Tomb raider Legend, but it happened that I found a solution for Tomb raider Legend, I just added Tomb raider legend.exe as a Non-steam game, and it worked, however, when I tried with this TR:UW when I tried to execute the shorcut, it displays an error which says: Tomb raider underworld failed to start (error code:53)

I think we are close to make it work, lets work on this guys.
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*f@CE Feb 27, 2013 @ 7:26pm 
The Steam screenshots function will not work in this game. What I suggest doing:

A. Download Fraps, install Fraps, run Fraps. Set it to take screenshots with whatever hotkey you like; it'll allow you to take screenshots in .BMP format without paying for it.

B. After you've taken the screenshots you like, convert them to .JPG format. Paint will do it easily enough, though if you have a lot of screenshots you may want to look into a way to mass-convert them.

C. In your Steam folder there is a folder called "userdata". With that folder is another another folder with a number for a name; within that folder is a group of folders with numbers for names. You're looking for the folder called "760". Within that folder is a folder called "remote". Within that folder is a folder called "8140". If not create a folder called "8140". Within "8140", create a folder called "screenshots". Create a folder within screenshots called "thumbnails".

D. Copy all of your .JPG files that you want to upload into "screenshots". Then, copy them again into "thumbnails".

E. Quit Steam completely.

F. Like, completely. If you still see the icon in the system tray down at the bottom of your screen, you're still in Steam.

G. OK then.

H. Relaunch Steam. Go into the screenshot manager (bring it up by right clicking Steam in the system tray and choosing screenshots, or whatever method you like). Tomb Raider: Underworld should now be showing in the list of games with screenshots.

I. Upload as normal.

J. If this works for you, be sure to pass this on to anyone else that you see asking this question.
This person was kind enough to pass this on 2 me....... You dont have to use fraps you can also just press the "print screen button" then paste it in microsoft paint or whatever u like just make sure its a jpeg.......
(VERY IMPORTANT)The 8140 number in the "remote" folder he is referring to is the games application ID number... you need this so it can create a screenshots section for your game..
you can find this by:
This process can also be used for Demos, Media, and other products on Steam:

Login to the Steam account
Go to your Library
Right click the installed game and choose "Create desktop shortcut"
Go to your Desktop and locate the new shortcut
Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties
Look at the target path for the number following steam://rungameid/. This number is the Application ID for the game.
(= hope this helps anyone who has a game that they want to take screenshots with.... or you can upload any pictures if you wanted 2.....super long explanation but it's really easy to do f@Ce out-
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