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Havana mission
tekijältä Steve Buscemi
So I am making a helpful guide right now of how to complete the Havan mission. I have spent almost thirty minutes on it now, but I finally figured out a good way to get past all the enemies and beat the mission. Step 1: Grab a hammer. Step 2: Smash yo...
Проблема с запуском и русификатор от 1С
tekijältä Dragon
Русификатор для Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
tekijältä Your Nightmare
В этом руководстве я покажу как и где можно скачать русификатор к игре Kane & Lynch: Dead Men...
Stuttering/Jittery gameplay *FIXED*
tekijältä -3xA'Lu©κy
This has only been experienced by me in the singleplayer portion but could very-well affect multiplayer users too and is a problem with the game's optimization and the way it was created....