Original__Gamer Mar 30 @ 12:54am
Help please!! Game will not start. Steam giving wrong code?
I Bought K&L on steam sale yesterday, downloaded and installed fine but when I try to run the game a window pops up saying il need the write down the product key they provide to register the game after and at the bottom it says Ok or Cancel. Hitting okay does nothing, the window goes away it looks like its about to start then stops. Going to square enix's website to use the product code steams pop up window said to use doesnt even match the available format of codes you can enter on the square enix website!? I'm totally lost here and loved this game when it came out years ago, please help me play it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Kastfilms Mar 31 @ 12:07pm 
having the same problem, can anybody help?
Original__Gamer Mar 31 @ 6:00pm 
Krisz thanks so much! Fixed everything and runs perfect. You my friend deserve a cookie.
Kastfilms Apr 2 @ 6:24pm 
Thanks Krisz! You the man!
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