VikingWarrior 2. maalis, 2013 15.08
TROJAN detected while downloading!
When I started downloading FOTW, my anti-virus system informed me it had detected a virus. When I checked, the infection was in \steam\steamapps\downloading\[insert number here]\...\fotw.exe

Basically: The FOTW-file is infected with a trojan. Just thought y'all should know....
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Glovesflared 19. touko, 2013 12.08 
well, your anti-virus sucks
VikingWarrior 19. touko, 2013 13.28 
Bitdefender is supposed to be one of the best.
Glovesflared 29. touko, 2013 13.44 
Well, I don't mean that it won't find bad stuff, but it is a false positive and you should report that to them.
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tredekka11 1. syys, 2013 8.26 
I don't believe your accusation of a trojan

I think you don't like the concept.
VikingWarrior 1. syys, 2013 9.26 
What is the concept I supposedly don't like? Is that why I used money to buy the game?
Elitesoldier916's explanation of a false positive is more likely.
DigChrono 21. loka, 2013 21.58 
Do you really think someone would distribute a trojan through steam? A rogue employee could do it, but the implications would be massive. Definitely a false positive.
Soul 27. joulu, 2013 14.46 
Fals positiv.
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