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Xelloss_XXXIII [FR] 2013年1月1日 10時35分
How do I know if I have Tipping Point or the standard edition ?
I'm not sure if I have the Tipping Point edition or not. Steam shows me "you already know this game", but I don't have any of the DLC (unless I misread, it seems that the DLC are included in Tipping Point, aren't they ?).
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kibertoad 2013年1月1日 15時52分 
If you don't have DLC's, then you probably don't have DLC. You should have Denial and Migration DLCs.
MaZa 2013年1月2日 5時53分 
When you go to start a new game you can check if you see the option of easy mode on the botom, if not you have the standard edition
Xelloss_XXXIII [FR] 2013年1月2日 6時06分 
I have the easy mode.
But then why does Steam tell me that I don't have any downloadable content ? How do I check if I have the DLCs or not ?
Sabn1 2013年1月2日 8時26分 
having the DLC, means having missions: Denial, and Migration. If you have those you have the latest version of Tipping Point.
Sabn1 2013年1月3日 12時48分 
... also, the game is properly balanced and most updated. :D
Xelloss_XXXIII [FR] 2013年1月3日 13時34分 
I don't have those missions
Sabn1 2013年1月4日 0時43分 
then: GO! GO! GO! and buy ^^
Mateus Buffone 2013年2月18日 12時40分 
I also find it confusing. It would be a lot better if developers just upgrade games. I hate to have 2 versions of he same game =( and sometimes is difficult to know if you have the new version for free or not.
Mateus Buffone 2013年2月18日 12時46分 
It shows the "easy mode" and Steam says that have "denial dlc", but not the others 2. I have to buy them or it is a bug?
MetallicNight 2013年8月30日 17時34分 
Did you pre purchase FotW? If you read the denial description it was a bonus for those that pre purchased, and I think easy mode is there regardless which version you own
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