O.F.Fascist 8. joulu, 2012 12.57
Seems like I'm never able to do well in this game unless I kill of a large part of the population of China and India.

Starting off with a one child policy seems like it is not enough to avert a financial collapse caused by the lack of resources. What I end up doing is skipping the one child policy until after I use gene plagues.

I'll usually start down the road at the beginning of the game in china, start using disinformation as soon as I get the card then Gene-Plague Alpha as soon as I can at the same turn build a political office (this is all you need to deploy developed bio-weapons in another country) in India. The next turn I'll use Gene-Plague Beta in India. After a couple more turns I'll use Gene-Plague Beta in China.
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Sabn1 8. joulu, 2012 15.29 
Well, as long as you're winning the game, then I see no problem with using that strat (and thanx for teaching me how to use Gene Plagues)! :D

I find it fairly easy to not get into financial collapses during my game. When I found out that: "Financial crises are caused by commercial capital indexes outgrowing the combined capital indexes of agricultural and industrial sectors by 2 to 1" - http://fateoftheworld.wikia.com/wiki/Tipping_Points

When you find yourself in the position, like you said "a lack of resources", just stop whatever you're doing that causes that lack (ussually the CCS card, in my case), at least for a couple of turns. Try to do smth else instead, like improve an energy sector with renewables (best start early in the game), or decrease dependency of industry on certain resources (coal - easiest with $30 Policy Card, but also natural gas, oil... especially coal cause it releases more emissions).

To be honest, I find the card 'One Child Policy' in the red deck, not that helpful. I'd rather play an 'Education...' card instead, because on the long term it has the same effect (reduces population) and gives greater access to technology in that region. I feel like reducing population in the early game just isn't enough to make a difference: population is reduced arithmetically, but emissions grow geometrically. You will notice that alot in the game. Very frustrating >.<
MaebeKnot 24. helmi, 2013 3.13 
I don't kill people off in my games but it is a viable way to reduce resource usage. If you find your running out of resource I recommend just a pratice match where all you do is try to avoid an economic crash. Play this with 3 degrees. It has no extra resources and is a longer game. If you can do it there you can do it anywhere. The key is, as soon as you see a shortage fix it. For coal this means reducing power use as well as coal free industry. Oil, reduce power use, biofuels, and last ditch effort of eletric cars. Gas, reduce usage. Since that is your last fossile fuel you have to move to renewables. Once you have your solar collector you are golden (want this by 2110). If you don't have a lot of green regions you may find yourself needing fusion (denial mission comes to mind). GL and hope that helped.
HerrPanzerCardinal 21. huhti, 2013 18.24 
I use 1 child and education in China and find that its industry and population base can be of great help for money later on. However, with India, the population, high pollution, and terrible soil toxicity will inevitably cause headaches. I find that I can win any scenario with China doing its thing and slowly getting clean, educated, and healthy but not trying to do this with both China and India. India is my sacrificial lamb in all my scenarios but I don't use gene plagues.

For India I switch to organic farming, create nature reserves, and move the outlook to green to prevent me getting kicked out. There might be a few other cards that help but I can't remember atm. So the decrease in farm yields causes massive famine. Maybe 1/3rd of the way through the longer scenarios, India has dropped to around a quarter of its original population and then I set about educating and rebuilding. With such a smaller population, it is easy to get India up to Tobin levels before the end of the scenario.
Fugitive Unknown 7. touko, 2013 13.40 
For lack of resources, set up Expand Oil in the middle east and the US (and maybe Russia), nad expand Natural gas in US, and get a tech office in the middle east to run enhanced drilling. If you aren't playing on green at the start, it will impress the population and should keep you from running out of fossil fuels.

Stuffing 4th generation Fission in China, India and the Middle east will help as well. If you can keep going till you get a solar sat, you'll be fine. Well, baring all the OTHER problems.
Angry Video Game Noob 2. marras, 2014 6.41 
Contraceptive at government expense, anyone?
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