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Goteki45 2013年4月11日上午12:59
Is the game broken for anyone else?
I don't seem to be able to run the game at all. The configuration gives a steam error that the executable is missing, and the game itself just gives a crash dialog when I launch it. I've verified cache and even redownloaded the game, just wondering if this was just isolated to me or if it was happening to anyone else on Steam.
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FiatLux 2013年4月18日上午7:10 
I have same issue .
Game used to work , now suddenly when I try to start game I get an executeable error and an M.S. report box
Goteki45 2013年6月7日下午7:39 
Still broken for me. :\

I tried emailing the developers but haven't heard anything back yet.
Tstuka 2013年7月27日下午3:13 
Broken for me too, can't start the game.
Goteki45 2013年7月28日下午4:44 
Oh, I got this fixed and forgot to update on this post: When I upgraded ZoneAlarm it fixed itself.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling ZoneAlarm if you have it and see if it fixes the game for you.
ElOhTeeBee 2013年8月1日上午4:21 
It's not working for me, and I've never even heard of ZoneAlarm before.
Goteki45 2013年8月1日下午9:57 
ZoneAlarm is a firewall program. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your firewall and see if that fixes it.
InuYasha Double Hickory Smoke 2013年9月8日下午9:21 
Game works as good today for me as it ever did.
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