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Dennis[DK] 2013年4月6日 12時17分
How do I know if I have "Tipping Point"?
A short question: How do I know if I have "Fate of the World: Tipping Point"?
I can't see it anywhere. Neither under properties --> DLC.
I have the following DLC's registered:
- Denial DLC
- FoWextras
- Migration DLC Windows
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fox 2013年4月7日 3時22分 
The Extras should be in your game directory, while the two DLCs should be visible ingame as missions. You may also have noticed that you don't have an orange circle advertising the DLCs in the main menu. If it isn't there, you probably have them installed.
Dennis[DK] 2013年4月7日 3時33分 
According to what you say, it seems that I have it all.
Many thanks for your help!
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