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firepowerjohan 2013 年 11 月 9 日 1:53 AM
3 Degrees best result as normal difficulty no modding so game ends in year 2200
I have 2 kinds of records that I wanna beat when i play FOTW. The score and the final PPM. Plus I do not ever want to be banned in any region. I do reload saves a lot since the random element seeds are predetermined I do not really feel like I am rerolling the dice that I would in most other games.

I have some trouble with the higscore function in the game, it overwrites a new score over a higher old. Anyhow here are my records (separate games I never got the 2 records simultaneously)

Above 11000, I do not remember it exactly because the high score got wiped out

~494.4 PPM. Very proud of that one!

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firepowerjohan 2013 年 12 月 6 日 6:02 AM 
I have played the game again on original 3 degrees scenario hard mode ending in 2200 with the following goals

Primary goal: end PPM CO2 as low as possible
Secondary goal: High Score
Fun goal: Push the ending Temperature as low as possible.

My best result now is

PPM ~473
Score ~10200
Temperature: 0.9

In the final turns i used aerosols like crazy like 7-8 aerosols per turn LOL. Getting the ending temperature to +0.9 which is lower than in starting year 2020 was hillarious :D

The final few turns saw my PPM dropping by 5 per turn having max forest replant, max biochar and max artificial trees.

As a note, my max temperature was +2.5 as I kept it just below the threshold in order to get the huge score bonus and to avoid the radiative threshold.
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catarcio 2014 年 2 月 12 日 7:39 PM 
IDK lul. Frankly, I only play on Cornucopia, and mine has been modded like crazy so....
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