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ANKH 2014年3月11日 0時08分
HELP!! It's 2095 and I've been in a gobal collapse for 20 years. How do I get out?
Is it reversable OR DO i HAVE TO START A NEW GAME?
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Black Cross 2014年3月16日 19時15分 
Yeah. You got to start over.
UsF 2014年3月17日 15時01分 
It is possible to get out of a global collapse, but it can take quite a while. Basically when everything goes down the drain, the economy crashes and so does emissions, which calm the planet down somewhat. So after a long time, it can go back to normal and depending on the fussil fuel situation or the technologies you have, you can form a new industry. Or get people to green and make them be more supportive of their new lifestyle, at least to some extend. ;)
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Fugitive Unknown 2014年3月22日 16時03分 
If you can keep one country from going totally in the toilet, it helps immensely, since you can use the tech in that one country to springboard the rest of the planet.

Your score will probaby suck though from all the deaths.
amaurygames 2014年4月26日 17時12分 
I would like to know more about this and I have a question: In this case, would any of those Social cards be of use (them being: Grow Agriculture, Grow Commerce, Grow Industry)?
My doubt is that, since the market crashed, the last thing that seems wise is to tell people to move to commerce (since, you know, it crashed and burned); That leaves me with Industry and Agriculture. Agriculture seems nice to improve food supply, but doesn't seem like it could improve the country's economy. Then we have industry, but didn't the industries also crash during the financial collapse?
Btw, these are my thoughts without looking at specific numbers. Actually, I'm not sure about which graphic to look for in order to see a result of my actions in this case.
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Delnar_Ersike 2014年4月26日 18時42分 
amaurygames の投稿を引用:
Btw, these are my thoughts without looking at specific numbers. Actually, I'm not sure about which graphic to look for in order to see a result of my actions in this case.
This is why I highly recommend you either read the game's wiki or play using the unofficial patch, since I made sure the latter will almost always tell you why something has happened.
Global Financial Collapse is a quite simple trigger in the unmodded game: if more than two-thirds of the world's GDP comes from commerce, Global Financial Collapse will trigger, which reduces the capital index of all sectors in all regions. It will continue to trigger until commerce no longer outputs at least two-thirds of the world's GDP.
If you enter a Global Financial Collapse, your best bet is to play cards that increase industrial or agricultural GDP or decrease commerce GDP; examples include: Grow Agriculture, Grow Industry, Tobin Tax, High-Yield Crops, Conventional Farming, and mucking around with biofuels. In addition, if at least 6 regions are playing Market AI, it is impossible to enter a Global Financial Collapse.
Things are a bit more complicated if you're playing with the unofficial patch. Global Financial Collapses can still trigger if commerce GDP is too high, but it needs to represent 75% of the world's GDP, not 66.67% like in the unmodded game. However, Local Financial Collapses can also happen if your commerce GDP in a region exceeds 80% of that region's total GDP. If more than 3 regions are in a Local Financial Collapse at the same time, it will also trigger a Global Financial Collapse. Market AIs also no longer protect you from Global Financial Collapse, but they will stop Local Financial Collapses from happening.
amaurygames 2014年4月28日 10時05分 
Ah! Finally I understand better! Thank you very much for your explanation! That takes care of many doubts that I had!
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