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Animals running into walls
Almost every animal is running into walls and get stuck....
is it just my pc, or is the AI just really bad :(
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I've encoutered many bugs with enemies too. The fight with the much fabled T-Rex was an horribly long slog against a huge lizard that somehow got stuck around a wall. All the bats I killed have also fallen in a special physical phase where common laws of physics doesn't apply anymore. Instead, they orbit very rapidly around some random point in space, emit strange noises and simply disappear.

So I don't know whether the AI is good or not, I think it's not much more evolved than a crude sequence of: appear, see Lara, run at Lara. The game seems to have loads of such bugs though.
I should have said this earlier...

Vsync [ON] solved my problems with the bad AI.
Something to do with new videocards.
currently having this issue made it to the t-Rex and he is just walking in place in the middle of the arena, and if you mean turn on the fullscreen-effects f-that the motion blur gave me a headach after 30 seconds.

I stood beside the t-rex shooting it with the pistols for about 5 minutes. I was even able to walk completely around it (excluding directly in front of the head which would break it out of the lock)
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Glad to see this is still an issue 3.5 years later. XD I'll try with vsync on.
I had this problem with one of the first set of wolves. I haven't had the problem again, but at that time I was atill tinckering with settings. Haven't had an issue since, so I must have turned v-syn on? I didn't even know about this bug. Just put it down to crappy old game A.I.
The problem is that vsync causes huge performance issues.
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