Tomb Raider: Anniversary

XxKaitoLinkxX 2012年12月25日上午9:26
game not appearing in library after purchase
i've just purchased this and its not appearing in downloads or giving me an option to install
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Zantuz 2012年12月25日上午9:59 
Just turn off steam and iniciate again
Tom 2012年12月25日上午10:02 
Same problem here, turning Steam off and on hasn't worked, changing steam download servers hasn't either.
XxKaitoLinkxX 2012年12月25日上午10:03 
thanx its working now :) merry xmas
Kleyos 2012年12月25日上午10:48 
Same problem :/
Tom 2012年12月25日上午11:01 
Fixed mine by restarting steam a few times. I wouldn't worry or get in touch with Steam Support, it should solve itself soon enough. Their servers must be getting hammered.
deltalab 2012年12月25日上午11:20 
same problem :(
marrosemary 2013年1月9日下午3:20 
same problem,hhhhhheeeeeeelllllppppp
Die ekte noob 2013年1月25日上午10:41 
Dont worry, you'll get it soon. if not , contact steam support and they will give you your game.
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