Kargor Feb 12 @ 2:57pm
I can't believe I'm seriously asking this...
... is there a cheat to get past a room? A savefile editor that just ups my last checkpoint a bit further?

Thing is, I'm in "Lost Island - The Great Pyramid", in some stupid tower room that should be easy enough. Currently stuck on one platform where you have to shoot a plate as usual, get two of those birds as usual. It's the first platform where swinging-poles come out of the wall. You have to jump past the first two onto a small slope, grab the "2nd" pole, then the first, turn around, jump on the ledge, climb around the corner, jump backwards, grapple, run along the wall, and I think the next step is to jump away from the wall to another grapple.

But, most of the time I don't even hit the first slope properly. Reload, fight again, try again, burn again. Reload, fight again, try again, burn again. Reload fight again, burn because those stupid birds shoot you off the platform. Reload, fight again, try again... yeah, I did it! jump jump climb jump grapple, run, jump... into the wrong direction (jumping away from the wall rarely works for me, and with those timed things it doesn't get any better since I can't really keep wall-running while setting up the camera), so back to the start yet again. This is getting more than annoying, and it appears this isn't even the last of them...

If it would at least checkpoint AFTER the fights. But no, it checkpoints BEFORE the fights :-(
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Loaded Towel Feb 18 @ 5:30am 
I had the same problem, imo it's the hardest part of the level, you have to jump as lara's moving off the edge of the platform onto the slope, the moment you start sliding, hit jump to jump to the pole. The next ones aren't half as difficult so that's some good news
Semper_fi_ Feb 20 @ 2:46pm 
Hey you can go to http://tombraiders.net/stella/savegame/TRAsaves.html and you can download a save game file to get you out of that level.
Prospero Mar 12 @ 10:24am 
That's where I got stuck too, I have been trying to beat this game for ♥♥♥♥ing ages.
Alleycat Aug 19 @ 4:38am 
It's one of the many times where the controls are just not responsive enough to do the time trial without memorising the exact sequence you have to press on your keyboard: you have to be perfect or the second grapple will retract before you finish your jump, I was lucky to make it after a few dozen tries! NOT FUN!
Byg Willy Regal Aug 31 @ 4:44pm 
It took me several tries, but I did get past that place, Just take practice.
m77en Sep 30 @ 2:14pm 
Thanks for the save file link - I am stuck in Peru at a certain area; Lara refuses to climb onto a ledge no matter what I do (she doesn't auto-crouch, she just simply keeps dropping down).
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