Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Quick end game hotkey?
Using Z-Bots the game could be quickly ended when the human players had been killed.
As Z-Bots aren't (?) an option on steam games, I use the CS-CZ bots instead, but can't find a way to instantly end the game when I have inevitably died again.
Does one exist, or is there a better way of doing it than quitting and restarting?
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I'm not aware of any console command or CVar that will end (or restart) the game/round when all the human players have been killed.

That being said, you said that something like that functioned for ZBot? Was there a console command (or CVar) that had to be enabled when using ZBot that enabled that feature?

The reason that I ask is, I've never heard of that before (ZBot, or otherwise).

P.S. A handy-dandy list of all of the bot commands, CVars, as well as the console commands for editing the CZ bots navigation meshes here:

...and a list of commands and CVars useful for "clan match" mode games here: might find those handy :)
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Thanks for the reply Rich.
What I foun yesterday, is that by adding Z-Bots (which do work in CZ but not in CS 1.6 (on Steam), I can simply use the Condition Zero Bots, but by pressing the H key, gain access to the Endgame option as needed.
The reason this is useful, is that if 2 or 3 of you are playing along with another 20 or so bots, the game can be ended and the next one started, when the human players all die, rather than wait ages for the bots to finish.
Originally posted by djc_w:
but by pressing the H key, gain access to the Endgame option as needed.

It sounds to me like that your installation of ZBot is adding a custom key binding (for "H") to your game.

Out of curiosity, start the game and then bring down the console (press the "~" tilde key).

In the console, type...


...and press ENTER. That will display any command that is bound to the "H" key.

Just wondering, what command is that key bound to?
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