[∂]αяк_g| נнσв⑨④ 2013年3月7日 11時25分
Want CZ Back To Normal? Post Here!
First, iam not in develop team of CZ so i cant make any change, but i think if lot of people make post here and develop team see it, i think they gonna do something.
This update make it have some bugs, but that can be fixed. But honestly we dont buy a game to fix it.
It have other thing (it happens to me, dont know if happens to everyone), i cant join server that requires download files and i have servers and cant join my own servers just makes me feel like i want quit CZ. Game was perfect now is totaly.... you know what i mean.
So Post Here If You Want To Get It BACK TO NORMAL!
Link of this Page: http://steamcommunity.com/app/80/discussions/0/864961721717352104/
最近の変更は[∂]αяк_g| נнσв⑨④が行いました; 2013年3月7日 11時40分
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>Marki< |>Lucky<| 2013年3月7日 11時37分 
we want normal CZ back i have also lost my video settings settings and cant even join a game and it sucks we want normal CZ back
^1Sp3c1aL_GaM3r 2013年3月7日 11時40分 
Normal Czero Back. They ruiend counter-strike and lost lots of members because of it. Why not ask people what they want first not just do what you want.
B4NOU 2013年3月7日 11時40分 
Hi I want my game cs cz work again since the last becaufe a day I can not play I thank you.
ByaKuYa- 2013年3月7日 11時41分 
yeah im with you on this i cant even load the main screen it just loads then dissapears on me.....
[∂]αяк_g| נнσв⑨④ 2013年3月7日 11時41分 
Totaly agree
poptheglock | Zeek3r 2013年3月7日 11時42分 
You have to enable custom addons to join servers with download files...
SethAl 2013年3月7日 11時42分 
Normal CZ back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Polo N shitt 2013年3月7日 11時50分 
we want it back ffs its just ruining the game =)
littel pigy 2013年3月7日 11時50分 
normal back
Action Man 2013年3月7日 11時53分 
This is not good customer service? Where is the apology for the inconvenience while they pull their fingers out of each others .........
david.ban 2013年3月7日 12時01分 
I guess they are trying to make us pay again for game that needs fix now. Quite a few peoples missing from games today, then download patch and can no longer use game, some fix....
emilville 2013年3月7日 12時02分 
Perchè non mi funziona?? Da quell'aggiornamento obbligatorio adesso non mi fa piu... Cioè a me parte però mi da mezza schermata verde e mezza col gioco!! I N G I O C A B I L E!!!
CZ back pleaseeeeeeeeeee....!!!!
YellowCake 2013年3月7日 12時03分 
"Could not verify 58 Files ....."
Catracho <<<ALEX>>> 2013年3月7日 12時03分 
YES back to normal, it was perfect and now is ♥♥♥♥ed up!
.#¨[Merouane] is Back.!!! 2013年3月7日 12時04分 
ME TO MAN Update is stupid :p
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