hUnT3r™ 2013年3月18日下午1:53
condition zero crash
After the update the other day my counter strike condition zero crashes with this error message: "Mod_NumForName: models/w_kevlar.mdl not found"
Please remediate this problem :D
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**PrinCess_Guess** 2013年3月19日下午12:00 
c normal que dan le jeu j enten pa les vix des personne sa fai des brui bizzard et mon compte et a jour
hUnT3r™ 2013年3月22日下午11:55 
ChuCky pls use english cause i dont understand u
[Linux] Trigger 2013年3月23日上午10:44 
For me some weapon files are missing.
Reinstalling the game won't help at all.

You aren't the only one with that problem I guess.
Mitt Romney's Sweaty Palms 2013年3月23日下午1:51 
Mine crashes without saying anything. This is super annoying and I hope they fix this Very soon
carypt 2013年4月17日下午1:56 
my cscz was converted into new more efficient file-format , after that it couldnt start , file controlling showed 21 files wrong or missing , the repair-attempt affected also cs1.6 and hl2 (file-control) . now the kevlar.mdl is missing (fatal error breakdown) . man ! . if i have to play through half the carrier again to play stadium-map after a reinstall , i would be a very angry one .
DRUIDZ.laowai 2013年4月22日上午6:47 
Maybe fix this issue? The game has been unplayable for over a month.
hUnT3r™ 2013年4月22日上午11:05 
reinstal windows and steam in other folder that worked for me :D
DRUIDZ.laowai 2013年4月28日上午8:07 
Well I won't install my OS over a problem caused by VALVE.
H.M.P^ StroFF^ 2013年4月29日上午5:12 
i keep gettina Cz crash everytime i throw a grenade this game is on its ♥♥♥♥ ... they are tryin to direct people to cs:go ... cos tht sucks too
۩ Chuck 2013年4月29日下午2:08 
Me, my conter-strike:condition zero, after this ♥♥♥♥ing update, sorry, it put it "Blinded". What I mean, its when I click on a server its said "enable steam settings". Wtf is that, I dont know....
Tigrezno 2013年4月30日上午3:22 
Mine crash after some ALT+TAB under linux ubuntu 12.10
Titan 2013年5月3日上午5:01 
Heres how i fixed it and it worked (for 1 month then woodent work...) - Google the missing files,Then download and go to ur czero file>Models and put the file u downloaded in there...i do not know if it still works cause it stopped working for me after the newest update D:
۩ Chuck 2013年5月5日下午4:06 
After spent 5 years, i think i will report this ♥♥♥♥.

Corey Trevor 2013年10月18日下午9:21 
Im having this issue as well.
♕felipe♕ #ⓛⓞⓥⓔ lary<3 ♥ 2013年11月23日上午10:02 
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