`.=. QBcrusher Nov 30, 2013 @ 9:45pm
Need Help Setting up a Condition Zero Dedicated Server
Ok, First I would like to say this is not my first rodeo. I have set up dozens of servers in the past so I know what I am doing. I set up my server correctly, forwarded the ports, set exceptions in the firewall, and still my server is not visible in the server list.

I even went to the extent of disabling my firewall AND putting my router into DMZ mode, and STILL it does not show up. I tried connecting with my public IP address in the game console but still no luck with that either...

I AM able to connect using my private ip address ( and obviously the loopback ( but not my public.

I am stumped at this point, and I would not be here posting if I haven't been at it all day...Would somebody be kind enough to help me out please?
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