Sajin Jan 8 @ 7:46pm
How to fix CS1.6 missing executable and CZ "Mod_NumForName: models\w_kevlar.mdl not" error
Originally,Valve had placed their games in [Steam installed patj]\steamapps\[your account]\,but they planned all of them move to \steamapps\common\ and did it in 2013,but they remain only CS1.6 in [your account],that is real root of the problems.

I got conclusion after clean up all Half-Life related games by DELETE LOCAL CONTENTS and manually delete relevant directories and files from common and [your account],and re-installation.

CS1.6 depend on HL1 executable,nevertheless,only CS1.6 has remained in [your account],not common directory,therefore you need to copy all HL1 files into \steamapps\[your account]\counter-strike.Otherwise you'll get error "Failed to start game (missing executable)".I recommend to use symbolic link instead of copy.

CS:CZ use HL1 executable and CS1.6 data,therefore CZ depend on both games.CZ was moved to common\Half-Life\czero,so you can start program and get menu screen,but when you load map you'll get error "Mod_NumForName: models\w_kevlar.mdl not" because of lack of CS1.6 contents.You need copy CS1.6 data to common\Half-Life\.

Copy \steamapps\[your account]\counter-strike\cstrike to \steamapps\common\Half-Life.I recommend to use junction or symbolic link.
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