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Dark_Lover May 7 @ 11:13am
Why no english?
So i installed this game only to start it and its all in german, my steam is set english, the game is set to start in english, hell i bought it in uk so why the hell is it in german. Any way to fix as cant see language option in game so im stuck.
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Steve Killbane May 22 @ 1:16pm 
Learn German.
Tekeeus Jun 18 @ 9:11am 
*bump* I have the exact same problem, except everything is in Spanish. Game language is set as English in Steam settings, I downloaded the game in the UK, no idea why it would decide it's a good idea to switch to Spanish. Any idea how to fix this?
Hellbishop Jun 19 @ 7:54pm 
Go to where Necrovision is installed look for the Data folder and inside remove any other language PAK that is not english. This fixed it for me when Steam did a patch update earlier today that made my game speak Italian.
v48e12 (fit via vi) Jun 20 @ 3:58am 
same here italian i already had the game and played it in english so its anoying to have it in italian
but removing the file fixes it all
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Dark_Lover Jun 21 @ 7:28am 
Thanks guys will do that
JacKPorT Jun 25 @ 11:53am 
Spanish sets to Italian language, not Spanish.

Fixed after deleting file voiceovers_italian.pak on:


Maybe deleting other language files in the same location fix the other languages issues

Hope this help your problem.
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benben14 Aug 30 @ 4:43pm 
Mine used to play in english but i had to reinstall it and now face this problem
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