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¬ Octo 2012年10月30日 9時40分
(HUGE) FIX: for low FPS (at least on NVIDIA cards)
Me and my friends recently got this game, we all have pretty actualized and decent gaming rigs, but as so many of you have experienced the game just ran like crap no matter the video setting you use.

My system Specs:

i5 > 3.2Ghz
Win 7

Before i discovered this fix the best i could get ingame at 800x600 with everything off or on lowest settings was around 30 FPS

After this simple fix i discovered twaking the config.cfg my computer runs it at 300fps on menus and between 60-100 ingame, but most important, EVERYTHING MAXED OUT in HD RESOLUTION (1080p)

How to?: easy

-locate this file config.cfg in the cryostasis folder and edit it with notepad or whatever
-find those lines:
@r.fur = 1
@r.postglow = 1

-Change them to look like this:
@r.fur = 0
@r.postglow = 0

-Save the changes and run the game.

Those 2 effects are the FPS killers, at least for NVIDIA gpus, tested with 4 GTX mid-high end cards, all of em got same FPS boost.

Enjoy this great game ;)
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portal2portal 2012年10月30日 16時52分 
Player Review 2012年11月3日 14時19分 
I tested this and I didn't notice a difference - although i'm not running fraps or anything so i didn't get a fps counter - i am on a i7 w/ 12 GB ram and a gt 640 OEM (gddr5) // game runs well enough anyway, but to have all settings cranked up i have to turn down the res from 1980x1020 to 1366 or so. Physics and shaders are the real killers, but they add so much to the immersion.
Agent Tee of .ARC 2012年11月3日 21時44分 
turning shadows down really gave me FPS boost went from 30fps up to 55-40
jOj 2012年12月1日 14時09分 
No difference on ATI...
ReBoot 2012年12月8日 3時02分 
Hal 9000 の投稿を引用:
Enjoy this great game ;)
Thanks for the hint, will try.
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