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KUNOLEO 2012年9月17日上午4:05
Game crashes, Why?!
Hi, I've tryed to change all settings ingame, resultion and all that, but everytime i press "New Game" the game crashes. am i the only one with this problem and have anyone solved this problem?
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Frodito 2012年9月19日下午4:05 
Same. Bump.
SpenceNaz 2012年9月23日下午12:36 
Same with me. Tried re-installing direct X, updating drivers, messing with the graphics settings. Crash every time I clack "New Game"
Frodito 2012年9月25日上午10:30 
no one bought this game, we screwed.
Tomwantstoknow 2012年9月28日上午12:39 
引用自 Eric Touchdown
no one bought this game, we screwed.
Isn't there anyone who has a workaround?
Windryyder 2012年12月22日上午10:03 
Hello, not sure if you are still having the problem but I had the same problem. I just discovered that if I browse to the actual executable file in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Cryostasis, then right click on cryostasis.exe, choose properties, go to compatibility tab, then set it to run in windows xp sp3 mode, the game will launch right from there and allow me to actually start a game instead of crashing. Hope this helps :)
KUNOLEO 2012年12月22日下午4:50 
Thanks, I wll try doing that!
Tomwantstoknow 2012年12月23日上午4:59 
Thanks for the hint!

Cannnot test it as with a new computer the problem was gone...
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