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Guide di Steam popolari Guide scritte, riferimenti e walkthrough
Меняем погоду на карте/Map weather changing
di Al-Gross ☆
Меняем погоду на уже готовой карте. Русская версия: И так, ничего сложного в этом нет 1.Открываем редактор в корневой папке с игрой ( mow_...
Прокладываем путь в Men of War
di BaneOFF
В этом гайде я вам расскажу, что такое waypoint и tags в Men of War, а так же как сделать патрулирование....
Change the English voice acting to native with english subtitles.
di OriginalDaniel
How to change to the native voice pack with an english localization UI. Tried playing the campaign but couldn't stand the abysmal voice acting? Well here's how to fix it in 4 easy steps....
(Un)Official Faces of War mission pack in Men of War.
di Brother Rince
Faces of war is the prequel to Men of war and the team behind it has converted just about the whole game into Men of War. Here is a quick guide on where to get it.* I have NOT participated in the making of this campaign mod.*...
GEM Editor Basic Tutorial
di ✟ The Big Boss ✟
This is a basic tutorial for Men of war GEM Editor. First , you will see a black screen. Press Esc , then choose whatever map you like. You will see the map , then you have some options like : F6 is for changing the weather and sky looking , F2 is for ...