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[K-KA]DaHunter Aug 8, 2013 @ 2:58am
Good Mods for this?
Are there any good mods for this game?
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Relnor Aug 11, 2013 @ 10:54am 
There are a number of mods, some add campaigns, these mods are of, well, varying quality~

However, the very best MoW mod has to be the Dynamic Campaign Generator. There's a version available for the original as well as for the expansions.

What happens in DCG is you can pick a faction (Germany/Russia/UK/USA/Japan - Italy will apperantly be added in another release soon-ish ) and a theatre to play in that that faction participated in during WW2, aswell as who you want to fight against.

You then purchase a (limited) number of units from your nation's arsenal and take part in a number of randomly generated battles across an operation represented through a map of a bunch of regions. Your units carry through from battle to battle. You can also change Theatres once your current operation is complete. So in theory, you could, for instance, have one German Tank Commander survive from Western Front 1940 to Easteren Front 1944, if he's lucky, and you're good~

it's a bit difficult to install, but once you set it up it works great and is well worth it imo, I feel I've been pretty awful at explaining it, but you'll see for yourself if you try it !

Just google for Dynamic Campaign Generator, can probably find it on Moddb or so.
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