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Bendyhuman 2012年11月25日下午8:07
Any tips for Diamond Mine?
I currently have a rather "meh" Diamond Mine high score of 383k. Does anybody have any tips on improving this?
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Vexel78 2012年12月1日下午9:47 
Keep making flame gems & explode them close to the bottom of the screen. Also, take care of the pesky corners. Set off the star gems on the bottom row to clear rows quicker. It's a rare occurrence, but explode 2 hypercubes which clears everything on the screen giving you more time on the clock.
Pinballwiz45b 2013年2月9日下午8:07 
$3.1m score in this mode. Just keep digging and make those special gems useful.
Toyoto 2013年2月14日下午8:29 
After you clear all dirt over the line, you can keep swapping gems if you're fast enough. There's no need to be too fast, just get the hang of it.
Keep swapping gems all the time even if they don't match so the level doesn't go down. Notice that the clock will still go down. Once you stop, the stage advances down and will award 30 seconds to your clock. The same happens if your clock runs down to zero while doing this but you'll keep playing the next stage. If you clear all the stage you'll get a 90 seconds award. Sometimes this doesn't worth the effort as if there's some indestructible rock it's usually harder to clear everything, and most times the game places new falling gems in a way that it's not easy to reach the bottom with matching jewels. But on early stages in the game it's easy to build a good amount of time.
Ecriscit 2013年3月17日上午8:41 
matching two cubes will give you 90 seconds, the same as clearing the whole level. try to build up as much bonus time early on.
manny 2013年5月1日上午7:43 
Don't hang on to your hyper cubes for too long; they will just get in the way. Try to use hyper cubes to explode gems on the edges, as the edges of the dirt require the most effort to clear.
ckcheeseboy 2013年5月16日下午9:59 
If you do get two Hypercubes next to each other, before matching them right away, see how many blocks you have left to clear the rows normally. If you only have a couple left and you can clear them without disturbing the Hypercubes, you can get 30 seconds for the normal clear, then immediately match the Hypercubes for the 90 second bonus.

It's not exactly common, but can be a huge help when it's possible.
YamSork 2013年5月18日上午12:19 
As toyota said. Keep swapping after level clears, best advice I reckon.
xueyangmu 2013年9月5日上午11:36 
keep cleaning near the ground,don't watch the time,it only loose ur attention,just focus ur eyes looking for the next combo when u are finishing the current one...
{pdX}joe 2013年10月9日上午7:16 
wish there was a way to turn off the timer.
Simeon 2014年7月14日上午8:24 
If you pause and unpause it fast then it will save time when looking for matches.
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