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YamSork May 18, 2013 @ 12:18am
Best tip for getting the flush achievement? Or is it just a big grind.
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Gromit Jun 6, 2013 @ 5:32pm 
Yeah, it's a grind. I mean, you need to keep an eye out for hypercube opportunities as a wildcard, but there aren't too many things you can do to ensure they come up.
[TLGS] Mario-x Jun 10, 2013 @ 10:08am 
Its slow, but I prefur that then trying to get the 12 and 15 ice breaker combo. Those 2 and 100 flushes are the last I need.
Mr.Johno Jun 10, 2013 @ 10:18pm 
100 Flushes is rediculas, they should have made it 50 or less
@Mario-x. Do you have any suggestions to get the 12 and 15 ice breaker combo?
Relcoa Jul 7, 2013 @ 10:30am 
I've been on the ice breaker combo and flushes grind for a while it just never seems to happenfor me.
totalizator Oct 23, 2013 @ 11:15am 
Originally posted by SirFrancisBacon2nd:
@Mario-x. Do you have any suggestions to get the 12 and 15 ice breaker combo?

Take a look at this Personally, I knew about the WASD being the key but what did the trick for me was some other advice

Start a new game a look for all potential vertical matches in all four pairs of columns. Let the ice rise (it doesn't have to go up very far at all) and hit the matches. That'll get you started with a 4x column. Keep going and hope you are lucky.

Keep in mind that switching to mouse+keyboard takes some practice before you will be able to use it efficiently. Good luck.
dunebeetle Nov 13, 2013 @ 1:51am 
Tips for getting flushes:

1. Use some rounds to organize and weed out gem colors
2. Vertical Matches are your friend.
3. Get lucky
I think its always 50% planing and 50% luck.just try,try try ;)
Tzvi Jan 9, 2015 @ 7:41am 
you can restart a game fast over and over until you see you get plenty of gems the same color
then go for the flush easy

if you get the flush you have to keep playing if you exit it wont count
but restarting the game for that first flush saves time
you could also go for the one flush and then just make pairs on on purpose so the round will end
Eagles Fly Feb 1, 2015 @ 9:04pm 
I use the hypercube as a last resort, I'd rather try to break it down into 2 separate matches if I can.
I prefer to use it in the hand before I attempt a flush to help the odds in the next hand.
Work from the top down. You don't want to hit any bottom ones and screw up your existing potentials near the top.
Best rate for me so far was 5 flushes in about 40 minutes.
CrazyTronic Apr 3, 2015 @ 10:11am 
good, that you have plenty of time to choose.
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