BlackMambo Oct 12, 2013 @ 2:41pm
Question about the view perspective
Is there a way to adjust the view and set the crosshair to NOT go aver the screen border?
i don't know if it's only a personal problem or the game is intended in this way, but playing Enforcer i have the feeling that my character looks (mostly) downward instead of looking at the center of the screen...

Also, since i always feel to look down and miss part of waht happens on screen, i always tend to look up, but unfortunately the character doesn't looks up and the crosshair goes over the screen borders.

I was forced to bind the "center view" function to my right mouse button, so i can quickly set the crosshair the center of screen instead of dragging it down after i've tried to look up and i need to shoot some enemies near me...

I hope that i've been enough clear to explain my point, english is not my native language, so i'ev struggled a bit in trying to describe my problem...-tnx