Pinkamena Diane Pyro Feb 5, 2014 @ 8:19am
If they never tacked on the X-Com trademark...
Anybody else feel this game would have been better received had it just dropped it's association with X-Com entirely? As in literally just be called Enforcer and had nothing to do with X-Com at all (As if it doesn't already).

I, personally, think it's fun in small doses, and since it's practically free if you get it through the X-Com: Complete Pack it's not like it will hurt your wallet.

I'm not saying it's a good game, it's actually kinda bad, but I feel it endures way more flak than it deserves simply because they duct-taped the X-Com label on it (Possibly with actual duct-tape).

Opinion: Had it just been called Enforcer it might have gained a small cult following that would have prompted developers to make a sequel which fixes all the problems with the first game and becomes one of the highlights in action games of the early 2000s. Street Fighter was pretty bad when it first came out, then we got Street Fighter 2 and OMG.