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X-COM Basics: The UI, The Gameplay, and Running on Modern Systems
par TychoCelchuuu
In this three part guide, I teach you what all of those crazy buttons do, go over the basic gameplay in X-COM so you aren't lost, and show you how to update the game to run on modern systems with bugfixes....
8 Things X-Com Had To Beat Into Me (That You Can Learn The Easy Way)
par Gifty
X-Com: UFO Defense doesn't teach -- it bludgeons you pitilessly as you desperately try anything and everything to please it. This is the computer game equivalent of an abusive mother. It takes self-loathing and guts to master X-Com's agonies and ecstasies...
How To Fix X-COM: UFO Defense's Terrible UI
par henryk lagerbränder (ツ)
A simple fix for X-COM: UFO Defense's atrocious UI....
Getting Started
par Ryutaro Dojima - Ace Detective
A little guide on how to get Started and getting better chances to make it past April...
Official Game Play Manual
par DJ-L|piped
*** .oO0= Click Here =0Oo. ***...
What they don't want you to know:
par Squizznar the Craven.
The guide to all the hidden tips/tricks/exploits/glitches that poor Julian Gollop dident want you to know....