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Shrcker 2012年10月2日下午7:21
XCOM for Steam Workshop
Yea or Nay? New Question: If so, what mods would you llike to see?
最后由 Shrcker 编辑于; 2012年10月4日下午7:21
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ямашина 2012年10月3日下午4:30 
Fred 2012年10月4日上午8:37 
Solo Solitaire 2012年10月4日下午6:20 
Absolutely. I'm taking Firaxis using the workshop for Civ V as a good sign this will happen.
DuncDonuts 2012年10月5日上午8:26 
Yay varily. And yes Civ5 doing this is a good sign, hopefully it will come after a DLC pack?
noizeknight 2012年10月5日下午6:36 
YEA! just crisper better graphics, more dramatic death screams, lol ...facelift mostly..
最后由 noizeknight 编辑于; 2012年10月5日下午6:39
Burt 2012年10月6日上午7:31 
More research with branching paths. More enemies based on popular movie aliens. Even xenomorphs and headcrabs could be added. Or Blob or The Thing. If you can name it, it can be added to the game with a bit of tweaking.
RedProtocol 2012年10月6日下午1:17 
Yes and ufo extender
RadioactivePandah 2012年10月6日下午1:39 
Zed Spell-Spitter 2012年10月6日下午8:44 
maybe a weapons pack, or maybe a new BOW enemy from resident evil. actualy, i really would like a mod that lets you play xcom from the aliens point of view. now THAT would be fun.
The Chaos Engine 2012年10月7日下午12:01 
Yes, only mod I would like to see is a graphics update, and also to include sounds and music from the PlayStation version.
Shrcker 2012年10月7日下午5:16 
I would add a glasses option for soldier customizing, I'm simple
Shrcker 2012年10月7日下午9:29 
I'd also like a mod that fixes the line of fire issue that reviewers seem to see, basically soldiers and aliens can see and shoot through walls. I'd like a fix for that if possible.
Codeseven 2012年10月10日上午10:23 
i would like to see more detailed graphics.
Das0Mann 2012年10月10日下午1:50 
TalonMadC 2012年10月10日下午7:42 
yeah, potentialy a hd remake
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